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Nu life

Concrete & Paver Restoration

What is a NU Life Restoration

A NU Life Restoration is a resurfacing system using a cement/polymer spray on coating system that instantly gives your concrete and pavers an impressive new look without the mess and expense of ripping them up.

Give Your Unsightly CONCRETE and Pavers A New Lease Of Life With NU LIFE CONCRETE AND PAVER RESTORATION.

Discover The Benefits Of

NU LIFE Concrete and Paver Restoration

Save thousands compared to the cost of replacement.

cement epoxy

Save on replacement costs

Instead of going through the expense and mess of removing and replacing your existing surface, why not save around 65% by having it resurfaced.

concrete restoration

Extremely hardwearing and longer lasting

A NU Life Restoration uses a mixture of cement, polymers and fine aggregates making into a concrete coating system that is ideal for high traffic areas such as driveways, patios, verandahs and much more.

driveway coating

Oil and stain resistant

A NU Life Restoration is sealed with an oil and stain resistant clear sealant. The protective clear sealer acts an invisible protective shield that will repel oil and food stains making it easier for you to keep clean.

paver restoration

Slip Resistant

Even in wet conditions, A NU Life Restoration is safer
to walk on.

concrete and paver restoration

Stunning colours and finishes

A NU Life Restoration is available in a wide range of colours and effective styles and textures to complement your property’s colour scheme.


Dependable 5 Year Guarantee!!!

A NU LIFE Restoration Instantly Transforms
The Look Of Your Ugly Driveway, Patio,
Pool Area & More

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