Epoxy Floors – Special Finishes

In this blog, we’ll highlight some special epoxy flooring applications and finishes that might transform how you see its potential.

Standard epoxy floorings – paint and resin applications

As we’ve said in previous blogs, whether you use paint or a true epoxy floor covering, your concrete floor is likely to be transformed to a beautiful sheen finish.

However, paint will lack the durability of true epoxy finishing.

In addition, today’s technology provides options for really enhancing an epoxy floor into something that is both highly practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Epoxy flake systems

Flake systems (more commonly called “chips”) are vinyl paint flakes that are sprinkled onto a relatively dry and recently laid epoxy floor.

There are many options to choose from including shapes (diamond, polygons), sizes (2-15mm) and colours. It’s a way of adding your own design flair to your floor and the chips bring with them the added benefit of enhancing the non-slip characteristics of the epoxy coating.

High Solid Epoxy

Solid epoxy floor coatingscomprise almost entirely viscose solids and solvents.

We’ve previously blogged about the advantages (and issues) this generates vis-à-vis epoxy paint but it’s briefly worth mentioning again here.

A high solid epoxy solution provides a thicker coating and a platform for a much stronger flooring and one which supports more options for finishing.Points to consider though are the typically longer drying times and the advisability of using a professional to lay it.

Metallic Epoxy

More recent arrivals are the epoxy metallic coatings for concrete epoxy floors.

This involves adding metallic powders to an epoxy resin solution. The result is a very high sheen finish and one which appears to “swirl” in different colours.

The metallic additives come in a variety of colours and are very popular with professional and leisure environments such as bars or office lobbies etc.

Generally, metallic epoxy might not be advisable for outdoor areas, as constant exposure to sunlight can cause the colours to fade somewhat.

Reaching a decision

Deciding what’s best for you might not always be easy.

Certainly, price will always be a key factor but it’s also very advisable to be clear about the potential patterns of use your floor will need to support.

It’s also very important, particularly so for full epoxy coatings, that your concrete surface is perfectly prepared in advance. This isn’t easy and specialist skills may be required to assist. However, fail to get this right and you may find you’re needing to maintain your floor rather earlier than would otherwise have been the case.