How Much will an Epoxy Floor Cost?

Epoxy Floor Cost

Let’s say right away that there aren’t going to be any dollar signs below!

What we’ll discuss here are those things that will typically have a big influence on any quotations you’ll receive.

Size matters

It’s stating the obvious perhaps but the larger the size of the floor in square metres, then typically the higher your costs will be – assuming all other things are equal.

The product used and its quantity

Different product types come with varying prices. The quality of materials will be a factor here and like so many things in life, if a price looks too good to be true then it very probably is.

Be cautious of propositions for epoxy floor covering services that offer seemingly incredible discounts and at all times be clear whether the provider is quoting for full epoxy floor covering or epoxy paint. The latter is typically lower cost.

Also, be sure to look for how many coats are included in the price. It’s commonplace for several to be required in order to achieve a suitable quality and durable finish.


At times, some floors can be difficult to access for epoxy flooring personnel and their equipment. Examples might include upstairs floors on unfinished building sites etc.

This is rarely a showstopper but it can mean that it simply takes longer to get things ready and move them around. That might in some cases influence ‘time-required-on-the-job’ labour estimates.

The state of preparation

Some concrete floors are in excellent condition and require only modest amounts of work in order to make them ready for epoxy floor covering.

At other times, the concrete may be in relatively poor condition and therefore in need of more substantial preparation including sometimes repairs. If that’s the case, your quotation cost may increase accordingly.

Once again, look closely at your potential provider’s quotation and be sure they have explicitly stated what they’re planning to do by way of such floor preparation.


Some fantastic special finishes are now available.

Your choices here might influence the final price you’ll see included in the quotation.


Finally, do remember to look closely at what guarantees your potential provider is offering against their work.

In theory, they should offer good warranty periods, perhaps including lifetime guarantees, if they’re confident in the quality of their work and materials. However, a little pragmatism might be required because the warranty might also be affected by the location of the floor and how you plan to use it.

Even so, you should expect to see a good warranty period covering multiple risks if you have selected a highly qualified professional provider. If you don’t see that, it might be cause for concern even if the quotation is otherwise attractive in price terms.