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When it comes to quality our epoxy resin concrete floor coatings are unmatched. Our epoxy floor coatings are ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Not only does this type of coating offer superior durability, it also provides non-slip protection and is very easy to clean.

If you need a hard wearing and waterproof flooring material, or are after a decorative finish with unique colors and patterns – our epoxy coatings are the way to go. With a number of different tones and shades available, you’ll be able to find a color for your next project that will suit your style and tastes.

Our epoxy products are a completely safe and long lasting and are a great option for a range of applications. Whatever surface is in your home or business, you can count on epoxy to be a part of it!

Residential Epoxy flooring PERTH

Nu Life EPOXY FLOORING PERTH is one of Western Australia’s leading Epoxy and Resin Floor Coating Companies With  years of standard experience providing Perth with epoxy flooring services covering residential, commercial and mining, you can be rest assured Nu LIFE are the specialists in the industry. We take pride in customer satisfaction.


driveway coating, concrete restoration, cement epoxy

Advantages of an Epoxy sealed floor

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Ultra Flake

Ultra Flake

The Ultra Flake system is a modern, decorative and grout-free flooring and wall system that is easy to maintain and will look and feel great for years.

A desirable alternative to tiles and carpet offering a wide range of colours, flake sizes and system finishes. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, Ultra Flake has become a popular long-term flooring and wall solution.

Offering a number of finish options allows a seamless transition from the outside patio, paths and driveway to the garage and then a seamless transition to the interior of the home, business or commercial space completes the seamless look.
A number of slip-resistant additives can be added to the system, ensuring Australian standards and slip resistance requirements are met where required.

Hyper Flake

Hyper Flake Signature Series is
A decorative flooring system that captures the beauty and warmth of a natural stone finish.

An alternative to the traditional polished floor, offering a consistent polished concrete look and a finish that has been formulated with durability at the forefront of requirements.

Hyper Flake Signature Series is an easy to maintain long term solution that brings elegance into your home. Hyper Flake Signature Series is avaliable in 3 different finishes

Hyper Flake Signature Series Crystal Finish – Semi-textured, gloss finish

Hyper Flake Signature Series Diamond Finish – High gloss finish with added depth

Hyper Flake Signature Series Essential Finish – Semi-textured finish.

Quartz Shield

Quartz Shield

Quartz Shield is available in two different systems, Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40. These systems present customers with the option of varying levels of grit, …

Quartz Shield is available in two different systems, Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40. These systems present customers with the option of varying levels of grit, and consequentially different levels of slip-resistance. What makes this exciting new system unique, is the use of quartz as the slip-resistant additive as opposed to traditional slip-resistant coatings which use silica sand. Quartz Shield has an incredible level of durability, and its sheer hardness ensures the longevity of the coating from both a practical and visual standpoint.

This wide range of applications and benefits are perfectly complemented by a dynamic colour range including; Artic, Grain, Iron, Silver & Wine. These colours further increase the appeal of this new and exciting system and confirm Quartz Shield as a premier choice for businesses and homeowners as they evaluate their coating options across both commercial and residential projects.

We recommend using N43 Pipeline Grey or N64 Dark Grey as a base colour with Iron.

driveway coating, concrete restoration, cement epoxy

Plain Epoxy

This industrial floor epoxy is a 100% solids, two-pack cycloaliphatic amine cured epoxy resin matrix. It is a high gloss, self-levelling and colour stable system.

Designed for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments where a lasting solution to floor maintenance problems is required. The exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical spillage and fumes makes this product ideal for use in high traffic commercial environments
Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Marble Coating

The Metallic Marble System is decorative, hardwearing and low maintenance. No two floors will ever look the same with endless creative techniques, …

No two floors will ever look the same with endless creative techniques, that can be used to create a style that you can call your own

The finished product is a high-end designer floor, with a smooth glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle.

Add a bit of Resi Glitter to really set off your showpiece.

Recommended Areas of Application:

  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Showrooms
  • Games Rooms
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